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The Euro and Your Computer
The launch of the euro has an impact on your computer as well as on the global economy. Quickly update your PC to reflect the New World Order.
By Bob Porter, Guest Editor

The launch of the euro on the 1st of January this year has literally changed the face of computing. Why? The software and browsers we use every day rely on a core group of fonts, or typefaces, to display characters in spreadsheets, other applications and web pages. Most of these fonts are "classics" like Times New Roman and Arial, and all pre-date the euro.

So, in addition to affecting 300 million consumers, the new euro and its symbol has had an important impact on software manufacturers, typeface creators and web site designers around the globe.

And in order to move with the times (and the currency), computer users need to take advantage of the latest releases of their core fonts to be able to display the euro symbol. 

This task is every bit as onerous as it sounds. Happily, however, we've done all the work for you this month, and compiled one simple file that will allow you to update all of your core fonts--those used in most applications and commonly on web pages--with one simple download.

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Bob Porter is an experienced Help Desk administrator and the author of several acclaimed help files. You can email him with comments.

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