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We're the Best New Company!
LEOnet took centre stage and two trophies at the prestigious 1999 Blue Ribbon Awards.
By Sabrina Dent, Forum Manager

Okay, it might have been more fun if Gwyneth Paltrow had been there. But I doubt it.  Recently, LEOnet staff attended the London East equivalent of the business Oscars and came home with two awards. We were seriously chuffed.

So why are we covering this in this column?  LEOnet won the Best new Company award and the Business & Education in Partnership, due in no small measure to our design of cool sites and internet-based software.  So I thought I could squeeze it in here and bang our own drum for a bit.

The Blue Ribbon Awards, sponsored by the London East Training & Enterprise Council (LETEC), were held at the London Arena in Docklands on March 26, and attended by 1,200 guests in penguin suits and evening gowns. Now in their 8th year, the awards recognise businesses that are outstanding in the competitive arena.

We were delighted that our Internet strategy and skill in building expertise helped us win the award for Best New Company.  It was also exciting to have the intranet site we built for the Redbridge Education Authority recognised in the award for Business & Education in Partnership, along with all of the volunteer work and IT training hours our dedicated staff puts in.

So, we thought you'd want to know: your ISP, LEOnet, is a winner.  Well chosen, you!

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Sabrina Dent
Sabrina Dent is the Director of Online Services at LEOnet and a dedicated Internet surfer. You can email her.

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