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Publishing with FTP

Please note that you must inform our Support department when you wish to open your web space whether you are using FTP or FrontPage.

Configuring your FTP:

Host Type: Automatic Detect (if not an option, choose UNIX)

Host Address: ftp.leonet.co.uk

UserID: Your LEOnet account name or username

Password: Your standard password

Login Type: Normal (if not an option, do NOT choose Anonymous)

Transfer Type: Automatic Detect


You will be connected to your directory on login.  Your HTML files should go into the Public HTML directory.

Your home page can be called either default or index with an htm or html extension.

All file names are case-sensitive, so your HTML code must match your file names or your site will not link properly.

Your username and password are case-sensitive.

If you wish to connect with a provider other than LEOnet, please tell Support so we can configure the server to allow you in.

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