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Getting Email Software:

If you have a Netscape or Internet Explorer browser, then you have an email facility. Please see the section "Help with Popular Email Clients" for information on configuration.

Configuring Email:

You only need a few pieces of information to configure your LEOnet email account with most email clients: your username, sometimes called your account name; your email address, and your password. These were all given to you when you signed up for a LEOnet account; if you don't know what your email address is, assume it is username@leonet.co.uk.

Help with Popular Email Clients:

Netscape Version 3.01

Your Netscape browser has an Options tag at the top. Click it, and select Mail and News Preferences from the drop-down menu. Fill in the following information where requested in the Servers tab:

Your POP3 and SMTP servers are mail.leonet.co.uk

Your POP3 username is the username we assigned you when you opened your account.

The news server is news.leonet.co.uk and is asked for further down the page.

Note: under the Organization tab, you may wish to check the box for Remember Mail Password to avoid having to type in your password every time you collect your mail.

Netscape Version 4.01

Your Netscape browser has an Edit tag at the top. Click it, and then click Preferences from the drop-down menu that appears. In the directory tree on the left, double click Mail & Groups to expand your list of options. Click the Mail Server option, and enter the following information:

Your mail server user name is the user name, or account name, we assigned you when you opened your account with us (i.e. joebloggs).

Your incoming and outgoing mail servers are mail.leonet.co.uk

Your mail server type is POP3.

You should also enter any information you can provide under the other tabs in Mail & Groups.

Microsoft Outlook/Exchange

With your mail client open, click on Tools and select Services. Highlight Internet Mail by clicking on it, and then click the Properties button. This will bring up the properties of your Internet Mail so you can enter the proper configuration information.

First, click on the General tab. You can name the server LEOnet, and then enter your name and organisation into the spaces provided. Your email address and reply address are username@leonet.co.uk, where username is your own user name.

On the Servers tab, enter mail.leonet.co.uk for both the POP3 and SMTP servers. Click the button for Logon Using and enter the username and password we provided you when we opened your account.

On the Connection tab, specify what type of connection you use. If you use a modem to collect and deliver your mail, you must select the LEOnet dial-up connection you previously created from your dial-up networking choices.

Microsoft Outlook Express:

With your mail client open, click Tools/Accounts. On the Mail tab, click Add and select Mail. The Account Wizard will then be launched.

Your Display Name is how you want your emails headed, for example, your name and job title.

Your Email Address is username@leonet.co.uk, where username is your own user name.

Your email server is a POP3 server, and the incoming and outgoing addresses are mail.leonet.co.uk

Your Internet Mail Logon is the "Logon Using" type. Your POP Account name is your username, and your password is the one assigned to you when you signed up.

Name the account something descriptive, such as LEOnet Mail.

For your Connection Type, click the LAN button if you are on a work LAN.  Otherwise, click "Connect Using my Phone Line" if you want the email client to automatically dial the server each time it is launched, or click the manual connection option if you want to launch your Internet connection by choice.

Click Finish.

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