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Support for FrontPage 98

Please note that if you wish to use FrontPage to publish your site, you must tell us so we can move your directory to the appropriate server!

General Configuration:

There are two important things to check to make sure FrontPage will connect for Win95 users:

First, on your desktop, click My Computer/Control Panel/Dial-Up Networking. Right click the Internet connection you will use to publish with FrontPage, and select Properties. On the Server Types Tab, make sure "Log onto Network" is checked.

Second, also from Control Panel, click the icon for Network. On the Configuration tab, you should see a list of components currently installed. If Client for Microsoft Networks is not on the list, click the Add button and add it.

Publishing with FrontPage:

On a LEOnet connection:

When FP prompts you for a destination location, type in http://wwwdev.leonet.co.uk/directory where directory is the name of the file where your web site resides. Usually, this is your username. You will also be prompted for your password; both are case sensitive.

If you are not prompted for your user name and password, please follow the steps at the top of this page on General Configuration.

On another provider's connection:

When prompted for a destination directory, type in the URL where your site resides.  This might be http://wwwdev.leonet.co.uk/username, or it might be your own domain name if we host a domain for you.

Check Out...
A very good tutorial on how to design and publish sites using FrontPage 98.

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