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Who says love is just a game?
By Sabrina Dent, Forum Manager

Finally, definitive proof that love isn't just the sport of masochists. In this month of Valentine’s madness, we’ve found it’s also quizzes, screensavers, electronic cards and the predictably twee.

Love the holiday it or hate it, this screensaver from ZeptoSoft is for you. Cupids with bows and devils with flame-throwers pursue fleeing hearts—and occasionally each other—across your screen. Once you’ve downloaded and installed this hysterical screensaver, you’ll be prompted to register, but registration is now free, which hopefully makes this software the cheapest gift you’ll get this February 14th.

For the more interactive, the Original Internet Love Test can tell you if you’re… umm, interacting… with the right partner. Taking this simple but interesting quiz will give you compatability results and advice based on both you and your partner's names, dates of birth and numerology information.

cow.gif (3620 bytes)From whatever cyber beast spawns the totally twee comes Adopt a Woobie. Pick your cyber-pal from the Woobie nursery and adopt a baby dragon, puppy, teddy or other equally cutsie-wootsy pet for your web page—complete with an adoption certificate you can display alongside images of your new pet. You can also adopt a Woobie to give to a friend. As if. 

Should you want a cyber-card to give with your cyber-pet, the ‘net is replete with electronic card galleries. We covered most of the good sites in the December article, but you can visit the same sites for cards of the Valentine's flavour this month.

Wherever you go on the 'net this month, enjoy your Valentine's Day... or adopt Woobies for those you love to hate.

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