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80's Trivia Games from The 80s Server
By Ami Tull, Staff Writer (1/9/98)

The 80s Server is a site dedicated to the dubious decade that gave us Wham! and Super Mario Brothers. The site’s own trivia-style games section tests your knowledge of the era in which Generation X grew up and offers a wonderful visit back to the 80’s. There are also links to the games we played way back when—remember Asteroids? Rewind, Who Can It Be Now, Manic Medley, Risky Business, and Gremlines are only a few of the games offered by 80s.com and they are all worth playing.

"Gremlines" is a movie trivia game where you are given a quote and four choices of what movie it came from. There are 10 questions in all; then you hit submit and it tells you how many you got right and shows you the correct answers for the ones you got wrong. This game is a lot of fun and reminds you of the cool movies that came out in the 80’s.

"Rewind" is an 80’s music trivia game. It gives you a word clue and then it plays about 1 second of a song for a possible 40 points. If you can’t get it, you can have 3 more seconds for 20 points or 5 more seconds for 10 points. This is a totally awesome game that reminds you of all the good (and bad!) music from the wonderful 80’s.

"Manic Medley" is another music trivia game that challenges even the best music buffs. You hear about a second of 10 songs and then you enter the name of the song and who sang it. You really have to think through this one, but it is fun to see how many you remember. There is a new game set every Tuesday.

"Who Can It Be Now" is a picture game that shows you pictures of 80’s celebrities (it does take a few minutes to open all the graphics). You then check one a few choices of who you think it might be now, and then submit your guesses. There are usually about 10 picture on the page and after you hit submit, it tells you how many you got right and which ones you got wrong. This is a really fun way to see old picture of your favourite 80’s people!

"Risky Business" and "The Daily 100" are also fun games from The 80’s Server, available only on weekdays. Some games on the site are competitive, so you need to register for a free user name and password; winning score for each game are posted weekly. This site is so much fun that it’s worth the few minutes to register and take a blast to the past!

Ami Tull is a proud Geek Girl completely addicted to her computer and her cappuccino IV drip. She is a freelance web designer who considers it a bad day if she cannot play at least three rounds of Rewind.

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