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Grim Fandango

As 1998 comes to a close, our reviewer thinks he’s spent his best 35 of the year.
By Rollo Jenkins, Staff Writer

LucasArts have reigned supreme in the adventure game genre for sixteen years with leading titles such as Indiana Jones and the Monkey Island trilogy for their trusty servants. Now after two and a half years and one and a half million dollars, they’ve unleashed Grim Fandango.

Your character, Manuel Calavera, is a dead travel agent /Grim Reaper working for the Department of Death (or the DOD as it is widely known). Manny sells travel packages to the dead, sending them to the ninth underworld where they can rest in peace. This journey normally takes four years, unless you can obtain a ticket on the Number Nine express train which will take you through the whole journey in four minutes. Critically, the quality of travel package you get depends is supposed to depend on the quality of your life.

The Land of the Dead is inhabited by some of the most scheming, evil, corrupt souls you could possibly imagine, wheeling and dealing in black market Number Nine tickets. When Manny uncovers this evil plot he gets caught up in a conspiracy that endangers the existence of the whole underworld.

This game is so intricate that it spans four years with over 100 different locations and 50 characters with unique personalities. And Glottis (your big orange sidekick), is quite possibly the best character ever created.

But what makes Grim Fandango truly revolutionary are graphics of a whole new genre. Characters are shaded and coloured depending on their environment. To add more realism, great detail has been put into buildings and everyday objects; for example, Manny changes his clothes according to his position in the game. This is a first for any action game--I spent hours wondering how Indiana Jones went through all his adventures in the same little leather number! LucasArts have really outdone themselves in even the minutest details.

(I think a map would have been an excellent idea; I found it a tad tedious getting from place to place as they are quite spaced out and, even when running, take a long time to reach.)

Nevertheless, it has to be said without doubt that Grim Fandango is the finest, most detailed, most epic, intriguing and fantastical adventure game I have ever played. It’s the best 35 I’ve spent this year! 96%.

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