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Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight

The game that has been eagerly awaited by all Star Wars fans has arrived, but was it really worth the wait?
By Richard Harrison, Forum Manager

The answer is YES! I personally do not even like shoot-em -ups but this one is excellent. Stunning graphics, marvelous game-play and really cool 'force powers' make this game one of the best I've played.

You play the role of a young man named Kyle Katarn. His father knew all about the ancient Valley of the Jedi, an old battleground that holds the power to let one person single-handedly rule the universe. The trouble is, The Dark Jedi are after it's location with the evil Jerec as their leader.

You can choose one of two paths; the 'Light Side' or the 'Dark Side'. Both paths hold unique force powers and a slightly different game. If you choose to take the path of the light side then your aim shall be to stop Jerec and his followers and keep the Valley's location a secret. If you choose the 'Dark Side' in the game then your main objective will still be to destroy Jerec. However, once you have done this you must find the Valley and take it's power for yourself!

If you grow tired of choking computer sprites to death then try it on your mates! No, I'm not saying that there really is a 'Force' (though I'm not saying that there's not), just that there is absolutely marvelous multiplayer action to be had with this game. On the net you can either play 'capture the flag' or 'Jedi training'. 'Capture the flag is a two team, race-to-get-the-other-team’s-flag kind of game whereas the 'Jedi training' is just a deathmatch with a Star-Warsy name. Both are absolutely brilliant! And if you think that you are good enough, then try your skill in one of the regular tournaments.

If you don't think that this marvelous web page is telling you all that you want to know then try taking a look at the official LucasArts page at www.lucasarts.com/static/jk/default.htm. On this site you can find more information, a demo, screenshots and an online purchasing option.

This game is great, and I give it 95%. In my eyes it's even better than Quake.

Richard Harrison is an avid online and home PC gamer, and very, very quick on the draw. You can email him with questions or comments.

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