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Q: What am I searching when I search?
The LEOnet search engine searches every page in the LEOnet site except the BBS, which would slow the search and return a high percentage of unrelated results.  So your search gives you access to all the articles in the LEOnet forums and forum archives, including Help.  

Q: What's the easiest way to search LEO?
Put in a single key word and click Go!

Q: What's the best way to search LEO?
In Boolean. Our search engine speaks basic Boolean, so your query can include the words and, not and or. Say you wanted to search for information on employment in certain areas. You could enter the query job and Ilford or Romford not secretary.  That would result in a search for all documents that included the word job and the word Ilford, plus all the documents that included the word job and Romford, but would eliminate any document with the word secretary.

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