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Internet Accounts

LEOnet dial-up accounts are great value for money, and there are tons of exciting features to go along with them.

What You'll Get:

Unlimited Internet connection for 7.50 per month (90 pa) plus the cost of a local call from you to our servers;

The superior speed and service of a backbone connection through our routers and hubs at Telehouse.

Support for the latest V90 technology and connections up to 56kbps.

Support for single-channel ISDN access, with an option for dual-channel at an additional cost.

5MB of web space to develop your own personal or commercial web site, with optional FrontPage hosting at no extra cost.

Access to monthly statistics on your site, including total number of hits, most popular pages, browser statistics and more.

Support for popular web page features like email forms and counters.

One email account and up to 5 email aliases, so you can receive mail at multiple email addresses.

Excellent customer support from a dedicated team available Monday through Friday during extended business hours.

Extensive online resources from our Help Desk Forum, with answers to questions about email, web site publishing, and connections.

Our exclusive quarterly newsletter (the printed kind!) with informative articles, web site reviews, help files and more.

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Service Nationwide!
LEOnet is pleased to announce NATIONAL DIALUP service, allowing you to connect to a LEOnet server from anywhere in the UK for the price of a local call!

0845 0800 060

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