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Advertising at LEOnet is effective, easy and affordable.  And we make Internet advertising available even to businesses without a web site!

The LEOnet web site receives 12,000 visits a month. That's 12,000 consumers who are interested in the Internet, comfortable with electronic information, and in the local business area. That's 12,000 visitors who will see your front-page ad. They're ready to click on your ad, and ready to take your Internet marketing seriously. Or, you can further target your marketing by placing your ad on the front page of a special-interest forum. We'll help you select the one that's right for your business.

LEOnet makes it easy to advertise on the Internet.  Just contact us by phone or email and talk to us. We'll design an ad based on your needs, or we'll run the 75x120 pixel ad you provide. If you have a web site, consumers who click on your ad will immediately be linked to it.  If you don't have a web page, we'll provide a basic web page for you for the duration of your ad.  Consumers will click on your ad and be able to get information about your company, location, business hours, telephone number and what ever else you specify.

It couldn't be easier: you provide the business or product, and we provide the consumers, the advertisement and the marketing savvy.  Every month, we'll provide statistics to show you how many people viewed you ad and how many clicked on it to see information about your company--so you'll know your ad is working for your business, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

LEOnet advertising offers high exposure at low cost. The below rates are for one month of advertising; discounts for multiple months are available.

Gateway Front Page Ads:
Located at http://www.leonet.co.uk on the main entry page of our web site.
If you have a web site: 150 per month.
If you don't have a web site: 175 per month.
If we design your ad for you:  25 one time fee.

Forum Front Page Ads:
Located on the front page of any of our forums; select a forum from our home page.

If you have a web site: 100 per month.
If you don't have a web site: 125 per month.
If we design your ad for you: 25 one time fee.

We'd be happy to talk with you or send you more information. Just contact us through our parent company and we'll make it easy to advertise on LEOnet.

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