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Email Reminder

Great web sites don't come along that often. But this one comes every month.

By joining the LEOnet email reminder service, you'll sign up to receive a monthly email from LEOnet to remind you that the site has been updated and that new content has arrived in every forum. The same email will also inform you of special events and offers for LEOnet members. 

Subscribing is easy; just send an email to listserver@leonet.co.uk and put the word subscribe in the subject line. Leave the body of the email blank. You'll quickly receive a confirmation email so you know it worked.

We will never share, sell, or swap your email address with any other organisation, even if they threaten to pull out our toe nails.

The service sends "blind email" so other subscribers don't see your name. That means nobody else acquires your email address, and you're safe from group mailings and spam mail. 

Unsubscribing is just as simple; you control your presence on our list. Just send another email to the same address with the word unsubscribe in the subject line, and your name is automatically removed.

We hope you'll try this excellent and non-intrusive service!

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