What is a webhotel and how does it work?

07 September 2021
Agboakiosime Imoudu

Even if you don’t own a website, you may have heard words like hosting, web hosting, or webhotel being thrown around by both laymen and internet experts. Have you ever wondered what these terms mean?

What is a webhotel?

A webhotel is the space on a web server where a website or application stores all of its files. Webhotels provide disc space for their customers to enable them to have a place to store everything on their website. Items to store include code, text, images, and videos. 

Webhotel or web hosting? 

Web hosting, hosting for short, is just another name for webhotel. There is no difference whatsoever between one and the other. They refer to a hosting provider allocating space on its server for a website to store all of its files. The cost of a webhotel depends on the size of the disc space the website is taking up, in other words, the hosting type.

How does a webhotel work?

Websites are hosted on special computers called servers, and there are several types of web hosting. The main types are dedicated, shared, virtual private server (VPS), and reseller. Whichever one you choose, you expect your website to be active. To make your website available to other internet users, you have to upload its files from your computer to a web server. When internet users type your website address (domain name) into their browser, their computer connects to your host server, and they can access your files.

Using the server’s resources like RAM and hard drive space, the host, also known as a web hosting service provider, makes the files available to internet users. In addition to making your files available to your website visitors, web hotels may provide email accounts, applications, or FTP access which allows you to upload files from your computer to your web server. 

If you need a website, you require a reliable webhotel service. While there are hundreds of webhotel service providers, some like webhotel-guiden.dk are known to stand out. They provide speed, security, multiple servers, and other customer-friendly services.

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